Intrepid Cycling Wheels:

Your wheels are the most important component of your bike (apart from yourself…!)

A wheel is a wheel and all wheelsets are built using the same parts – a hub; spokes and a rim.

However, a good wheelset will have a huge effect on the weight and overall performance of your bike.

For Road Bikes, upgrading to a light wheelset will lower the overall weight of your bike, improve your acceleration and give you a speed advantage.

Meanwhile, for MTB Bikes, a wheelset that is tough, well-built and can take a lot of punishment will give you the ride you of your life…

Whether you need a tough set of MTB wheels for your weekends off-road or are looking for a set of light aerodynamic road bike wheels to give you that race day advantage, we have the Intrepid Wheels that are right for you.

All Intrepid wheels are hand crafted, using the toughest carbon fibre and using top of the line components in our factory in Taiwan.

All our wheels, both our Road Wheels and our MTB Wheels are strong, lightweight and fast…